Wish: TweenCurves and TweenSurfaces

TweenCurves accepts only integers as values of Number option.
TweenSurfaces accepts only integers as values of NumberOfSurfaces option.

If we could enter negative values, they would be interpreted as curves and surfaces drawn beyond the original objects (rather than between the original objects).

It would also be useful to have Offset option within both commands. The Offset option would work like the Offset command - the user would type a number or show a point where the new curve or surface would be created.


That’s interesting. I had never thought of using that tool in that way, but I could imagine some possible uses…

Negative numbers seem like a possible useful addition. Would the overall tween distance still be controlled by the distance between the input curves? After typing this it just feels like a weird idea. Can you post a real world example where you’d use this?

Adding offset seems like it would just clutter and complicate the command without saving you any steps. What am I missing?

Yes, it is natural extension of these commands.


This is weird comment. There is not much difference between tweenning between and outside. EXAMPLE: You have designed a deflector for vertical take-off engine. Now you need a bigger deflector, so you add curves or surfaces on the outside of existing curves or surfaces.

This option could be used as sophisticated, precise form of SoftEditCrv, SoftEditSrf and maybe even SoftMove. These commands are not precise - you just eyeball the change. For example, you have a human face with African nose. You want to replace this nose with a long, Caucasian nose. This TweenSurfaces option could make the work easy if it is implemented well.

I see. So the offset option really isn’t offset at all - it is “select a tween curve by placing a point”. It would be like running tween* with 1000 steps and then deleting 999 of them.

I was somehow imagining the offset option being a way to do a real offset from the start and/or end curves, and then tweening between that result.

You make it sound like a complicated and inefficient functionality.
My interpretation would be that the Offset is more like a “set ratio”. The position of a picked point in relation to the input curves or surfaces sets the factor of each curve in the resulting curve.I think this type of functionality makes sense: To be able to pick an an arbitrary point you want a tweened curve/surface to appear.

I think the word I couldn’t come up with earlier is “ThroughPoint” - it would allow tweening to a specific point. But it is not an offset (whic means to make a new pbject a fixd distance from an original object).

Early versions of TweenCurves in Beta had a “Distance” option that we took away in favor of simplifying the command and not cluttering it with unnecessary options.
The discussion of negative values makes better sense if there was a distance option, rather than with a number option. The command then would create a single curve either between the two curves (if distance value is positive) or at the outer side (if distance is negative). Usually the distance is measured relative to the first curve selected.
Is that, more or less, what you are looking for?

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