Wish Transform space

I really wish for these two commands now that I am seeing the need more and in different situations.
I wish we could have two kinds of transform spaces, they are history enabled commands but more:
One is a rectangle that allows warping of curves and surfaces
One is a box that is used similar to transform cplane

I’ve been using this approach to decorate ceramic and other projects where the surface can be unrolled. If the shape has double curvature this won’t work. I usually cut the vessel into surfaces that can be unrolled. One cannot use apply p curves because no history in that command and my approach works with surfaces too, the below is with curves for illustration.

  1. unroll surf with labels
  2. in top viewport draw the curves that will be flown along surf if needed mirror with history
  3. select curves and flow along surf with history.

Now in top view one can edit the points of the design and the curve’s on the vessel shape updates. This is really great for design because I can see how the unrolled surface which is the pattern I must have printed will look on the vessel surface and how the edits look in real time so corrections are easy. I view two viewports at once, one top view were I edit points and the perspective viewport were I can see the model with curves flown on close up if needed. Really nice actually to tweak this way.

All of these procedures could be combined into one tool a “transform rectangle” with history enabled and which would also allow outside of history new curves and surfs being added or edited to the transform rectangle. One would then call the “update transform rectangle” command and the user would not need to go through all the steps of selecting curves and surfaces with history on and then flow along surface command. We could avoid having to go through all those steps if I need to add curves to my design and this tool would be really specific to this type of design flow. I also do this with surfaces.

The other is a rectangle box which operates similar to remap cplane. I simply love that command. But now I wish for a transformSpace Box command.
My current procedure is:

  1. make a named cplane1 place objects on it.
  2. Make another named cplane2 orientated to the odd position. I do this with more than two cplanes sometimes many depending on where I need my parts.
    Place model objects on cplane 1, then remap with copy to cplane2 with odd orientation, with history on so changing any thing updates as well. I actually found I can copy parts to weird hard orientations quickly and edit them quickly this way without worry.

The transfromspace box command could function:
The user creates a box and a cplane orientation of it
The user copies the box or a command create transform space location box1, more commands would make box2, box 3 etc. anywhere and more importantly orientated in any way the user wants. The command would have an orient 3point with no scale option to really snap to locations and orientations if the user needs that I know I do.
But and this is how it would be different from blocks or history is that anything subsequently placed in the original transform box could be transformed to all the other box orientations easily (similar to remap cplane) with the command “update all transform boxes”. And there could be an option to pick transform box/es in the viewport or select them from a list box.

Hope this all makes sense.

Hi Roland - off hand this seems like it might not be too-too hard to make work in a prototype. I’ll ponder…



Awesome Pascal can’t wait to see what you come up.

Pascal, I see grasshopper has a transform rectangle tool that looks promising don’t know if that can help or be used by you as a vb component, but thought I’d throw it out there in case. I forgot it had that.