Wish: Transform Relay into Container

Creating Relays is simple double-click, whereas inserting container component like for example:

If you want to introduce some expression you need additional component. If you have to do that 100+ times imagine the reconnection-exercise.

(yes I know you can add expression to the Construct Point, but still this is my use case, there are many other where you may not be able to.)

I suggest two alternatives:

  • Right-click on the relay to transform it into one of the container components. (who knows maybe even vice versa, from container component into relay, to negate the effect of the container)
  • second alternative that will solve only a few cases, allow entering expressions inside the relay.


Do you use the “extracr parameter” menu option to insert the number params?

Sometimes when the value is directly included in the component, but when changing the whole definition adding NumberComponent to each coordinate of each point still there will be quite some number of reconnecting.

Compare Right-click extract then reconnect to 1000 points x3 coordinates.
doubleclick - (create relay) then right click pick (transformation to number)

I really do miss the option on Params to “Extract Forward” when the param is connected on the input side. This should be an option also for relays.

I’m thinking of the excellent implementation of this in the generic Elefront param. This really really should be std behaviour in GH since it helps organizing the definitions and speeds up the work of doing just that.

// Rolf

Yes, that could be another alternative. Assuming whatever is connected to the relay will stay connected also to the “extracted” parameter.

The should be connected to the component from which it was “extracted”, like so:


And if Extracted Forward again;

// Rolf

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I was thinking of keeping the right-hand connection too.

That would duplicate data to the target and thus should not be kept as default. Why should it?

// Rolf

Not duplicating data, one is a relay, the other one is number.



This is my idea.

That is an insertion.

// Rolf

Transformation, or conversion.