Wish: tolerance parameter for vaSpace

It would make sense to have a vaSpace ‘tolerance’ parameter to ‘bridge’ tiny gaps in wall connections.
I just had the case that a wall was half a centimeter away from the next wall (auto-extension was off, however), and the space tool ‘bleeded’ into this gap and displayed a wrong area. I was lucky that we discovered the error in time, and the numbers were not directly delivered to the client. :sweat:
Thank you!

Hi @Eugen,

I understand what you mean, but I am not sure about it. How would you know which tolerance value you need to choose in order not to have this problem with the wall? Let’s say you choose a value of 5cm to make sure there isn’t any leak; you could be missing other gaps smaller than 5cm which you want to include in the space area.

I’m just thinking how it should work or if this is something which should be dealt from a different side.

Thanks, Alfonso!
I think it very uncommon to have such tiny gaps which should be included in the area calculation nonetheless. The tolerance I’m talking about would be rather small normally. A cm maybe. Something you can easily miss when looking at the floorplan for checking.
Walls that are so close together you want to connect, right? Bit related to the wall connecting radius actually.

Hi @Eugen,

Ok, I’ll add it to the list. You are right, most of the times it will be a small value which could solve this kind of problems.

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