Wish: Toggle Sun & Ground Plane

As it exists, the sun and groundplane command simply opens the dialog boxes. I really need a command or options to these commands that will allow me to toggle them on and off at the command line.

To support my workflow, I have a button that sets different layer states for rendering and layouts. I switch back and forth frequently. Unfortunately, the sun and ground plane can’t be controlled with these buttons so it’s just a hassle to turn them on/off manually. Currently, I don’t use either. I use directional lights and the Brazil plane primitive because they can both reside on my rendering layers and behave accordingly. The other people in the office use both sun and ground and could really use this simple toggle.


Hi Jim, thanks, added to the pile for V6

(these are not visible to the public, yet.)


“_-DocumentProperties _Rendering _GroundPlane _v _enter _enter _enter”

“_-DocumentProperties _Rendering _Sun _options _Sun _enter _enter _enter _enter”

Thanks, Andy… still needs a more discoverable way, imho… maybe we can add a built in alias.
When I put in macros here, I’ve got into the habit of making it ‘code’ like

 _Line _vertical


Thanks Andy.
That’s exactly what I need!