Wish to see like this in Rhino 8

Mouse control commands. SubD & Mesh geometry.


you can do all of this in rhino already, with the exception of the variable creasing and the bridge with multiple inputs. (which I’d argue made messy topology, but that’s just my opinion)

  1. extrude- ctrl+shift+click a face, click the gumball extrude ball and enter a value. repeat to get more blocks at the same value. Or change the value to get longer/ shorter blocks.

  2. bridge, you can shift click 2 or more faces to connect, and specify the number of divisions. Note, You cannot select mismatched number of faces or edges. 3 to 3, 2 to 2, etc…

  3. The sharpen feature you showed was cool… we do not have that yet, only full crease/ no crease. However a variable creasing system is in development.

  4. Moving edges at a specified distance. Shift+ctrl+click and edge or edges, click a transform handle on gumball and enter a value.

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