Wish to move all items on sublayers without turning them all on?

It appears that unless one turns on a sublayer, the command to select contents of sublayers when selecting the main layer, only selects items in those layers visible. After a move the items on the turned off sublayers havent moved.

Is there a way to tell Rhino to revert to layer on/off display after a move ? so one turns on all layers, moves objects, then reverts to visibility after the move ?

…or can one avoid turning sub layers on in the first place to accomplish the move of items including those on sub layer ?


LayerStateManager should help there.


Hi Pascal,

as in turn all sublayers on, make the move, then command LayerStateManager to turn them off again ?


No, as in Save particular states (e.g. sublayers on and off); do some work, recall one state; do other work (e.g. move); recall another state.

Did you read the help file on the topic?