Wish - Temporary Lock Selected Control Points

I haven’t found any way to do this and it would be a great workflow advantage to be able to do so:

Eg. If a complex surface has many rows of control points and I want to make changes to only the top 3 x rows of control points using individual control point moving. I would then select all the other rows of control points and temporarily lock them sothat I can’t accidentally select one of the lower row points whilst I am busy tweaking the top rows of surface control points.

The same result could be achieved by hiding the control points that I don’t want accidentally moved, although the lock option of having the locked control points still visible as reference would be preferable.

Is there currently a way of doing this?
Michael VS

There isn’t a way currently but it’s an open feature request…

If the control points are groupable then you might be able to lock them. @dalelear can say for sure when he looks at this one.

Hi Michael- you can’t lock them but you can hide them:


InvertPt is also useful - select the points to edit, InvertPt then HidePt.


Ok. Thanks. I will use the Hide technique then until this feature is added.
Edit: I made a button with:
on Left Button
on Right Click
This works well. Thanks @pascal