Wish: Sweep1 with tangency and curvature option


I wish for tangency and curvature option for sweep1, just like sweep2 and network surf has.



The “Align with surface” option in Sweep1 makes a surface with good continuity if the curves are set up correctly. That approach makes better quality surfaces than networksrf or sweep2.
Here is an example. Sweep1.3dm (90.5 KB)

(Pascal Golay) #3

Align with surface is a good way to do this- curves that are set up tangent to the edge will sweep along the edge and maintain tangency, but the tool does not do anything special to establish tangency- that is, if the curve is set at some angle off-tangent, say 10 degrees, it will be swept maintaining that angle all along.

A good way to get curves set tangent to an edge for this type of sweep is OrientCurveToEdge. The CPlane Z where the curve is selected will be mapped to the surface normal.



Yeah, I know, and using match after the sweep is also a good way to get to the result.

But I still wish for Sweep1 to be more like sweep2 and networksurf.

In sweep2 we can add a single degree 1 line between two surfaces edges and then sweep2 that, choose rebuild AND curvature on one side and position on the other.

I have for a long time wished for a sweep1 that is like sweep2 so please give it some thought.


Nobody has suggested that.

I personally don’t care if what you are requesting were added to sweep1.

What would be a major travesty would be if what you proposed replaced the “align with surface” option in sweep1 since that is a decidedly better way to create quality surfaces with good continuity.

(Pascal Golay) #6

Well, perhaps- it might be a different result however- with ‘Align with surface’, the profile curve is rotated as a whole to maintain the relationship to the surface along the edge- MatchSrf after the fact will change the control points needed near the edge but the sweep as a whole will follow (assuming ‘Freeform’) a different path- So with curves more complex than two points, the shape of the section will change with MatchSrf for Tangency run afterwards, and will not change using ‘Align with surface’.



I am not asking to replace, what I wish for is curvature and tangency options.
If you use sweep1 with multiple cross sections then it would be nice to have the option to toggle on curvature or tangency.

I know you are a high fidelity modeler jim, and I agree that “doing it right the first time” is very often the best approach, if you are modeling. But if I am designing and testing and tweaking, then I am after quick solutions.