WISH: support for xml-based step file format export-import


Is it possible that you provide support for xml-based STEP file ( ISO 10303-28)?

Please describe the problem that this feature would solve for you.

Not a problem, just will allow much more possibilities.

Export/import models with attributes that can be assigned to objects’ usertext. Is one of the best features that could be implemented.

Also as mentioned in another thread:

STEP is superior to IGES due to a mechanism implemented in Rhino to join surfaces into polysurfaces.

Currently Rhino supports only 2 STEP standards, and there are plenty more. Automotive industry is not the only one which uses Rhino!

:slight_smile: as a matter of fact other industries use rhino much more than automotive, considering that most (if not all) of the car manufacturers use primarily CATIAv5 and CATIAv6.

Check out this document and the different step protocols developed for shipbuilding (none of which is supported in Rhino)

An XML-based one is a good alternative.

A nice-to-have feature will likely remain at the bottom of the priorities list.

Do you have an example STEP-XML file that was exported from an application and that includes usertext that you would like to get into Rhino?

Yeah, I know how you software companies work. I do this for a living.
Hopefully I’ll get many likes :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

I couldn’t find a simple (any) example of this. I simply saw the standard. If there was I would’ve implemented an import myself by XML parsing from Python


This links gives some info but all links seem to be dead. :frowning:


There you go. There are some examples in this document.

I wasn’t after an example of the syntax. I’m just wondering if there is a real-world example that would support such request.

As of early 2017, it appears that the 1996 and 2002 versions of the STEP-file format are more widely used and supported than the new 2016 version.


yeah, well if all software companies continue to refuse to implement it who will use it?!

Just a mere real-life example Wim. The company I’m currently contracted to, before I came and showed them some of the capabilities of Rhino, they used it only for exchanging formats.

If you provide XML-step files support I can guarantee that many companies will start using this.