Wish: SubSelect only to select mesh faces on mesh

First of all, I know I turn on the filter :wink:

I wish to only select mesh faces when subselecting a mesh if controlpoints are not turned on.
(And only to select points if they are turned on, like it is today)

Now, if I drag a rectangle to select a bunch of faces on a huge mesh and hit delete, it can take a very long time to calculate (since points also are selected) compared to if I have only selected faces (by using the filter)

If I only select points and delete that too is faster, so maybe something could be done to how delete handles this when both faces and points are selected at the same time.

You can test the speed difference by making a heightfield mesh from any image and sample with 2000x2000, that gives a 4M poly mesh. Then select 1/3 of it with and with out using the selection filter. Here selecting only mesh faces makes it delete about twice as fast.


what about edges?

if points are not on, how do you determine if you want a face or an edge of a polygon?

you may or may not be aware, you can alias/hot key the filters… you could make a mesh face filter button or alias and also hotkey the filter none command to easily get them on or off.