Wish: Stupidity filter/ solver time out limit

it happens to me more often than I would like to admit:
I just connect a wire while having forgotten to graft/ ungraft a connection and all of a sudden poor GH has to perform a few million calculations instead of a few hundred. That’s when it freezes and the big dilemma comes:
wait it out or kill it and hope not much of the work has been lost.

Is there (/could there be) a way to set a time-out limit for the solver? (e.g. 30 secs) after which it could automatically be disabled?
I was thinking of an -on canvas component- like a list or slider with which you can select the maximum calculation time for the solver.

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Nice idea, maybe you know already (and it doesnt always work) but do you know that esc key can break the solution?

It is supposed to, but when you’ve made a big boo-boo even that cannot save you… :frowning:

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Changed the topic to a GH2 wish

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wow! my first serengeti post! thanks! :slight_smile:

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As solutions will no longer be running on the UI thread, this should no longer be necessary. A long-running solution can start and will automatically be canceled when the next one starts. And even if it gets stuck forever, you can still save and quit Rhino properly. Only risks remaining are exploding memory use, call stack overflows, or thread locking on certain shared objects.


“Stupidity Filter”. Though it can be “achieved” with scape, there should be a button for it, just for the sake of the phantastic GH sense of humor @DavidRutten imbued into it.