WISH: Stretch blocks

For Polysurfaces it is very useful to ctrl+shift+click a face and drag it.
Another way to stretch surfaces or curves is to use SolidPtOn or PointsOn.

The only way to stretch a block is by using Scale1D which is not as ergonomic. It doesn’t involve the gumball so i cannot specify directly how much I would like to stretch the block. I also have to pick two points and specify a third one, which on very long blocks involves a lot of panning and zooming.

I checked if CageEdit might work with PointCount=2, but it doesn’t work on blocks either.

Hi Bogdan - Gumball works on blocks to scale in 1d - are you not seeing that work?


Hi Pascal,
I need a way to manipulate blocks which is similar to the way polysurfaces can be manipulated by grabing one face and moving it. Or the way simple lines are manipulated by grabing control points and moving them.
Of course scaling with the gumball works but If I need to stretch a block by moving one of it’s sides in one direction I have to first position the gumball on the opposite side, make sure that the gumball axis are oriented according to the direction I would like to stretch, it is not practical.

Ah, OK - well that really is counter to what blocks do - the whole point is to stay tied to the definition geometry. You can BlockEdit to achieve what you want and propagate the change to all other instances, but I think that is exactly what you do not want.


[quote=“pascal, post:4, topic:43793”]
really is counter to what blocks do
[/quote] - not necessarily

The video below shows exactly what I would like to have:

In case of autocad, the block is dynamic, but in the particular case of an architectural wall it doesn’t need to be dynamic, Stretch on 1 direction would be enough since banal walls without tiles are composed from linear parts.

A BIM wall is another example. It can be manipulated from the start and end points just as a line. It can be a block (containing all the assembly) for which the stretch has been limited to only one axis.