Wish: stats in the viewport

Stats in the viewports


Hello- what, exactly, would you expect to see about Rhino objects? Why?


to have a quick reading of each object or objects, because when working with mesh it is important to know how many polygons each object has to make decisions or find ways to optimize the mesh, since in the workflow you have to export to other softwares that import the number of polygons like spark AR, unity, etc

Hi @miguelayora3

I don’t know if this will satisfy you, but while the native solution is not there, you can try this Grasshopper definition:

mesh details conduit.gh (24.5 KB)

You will need Heteroptera (for getting Rhino selection) and Conduit (for showing display conduit :wink: ) plugins.


  • You can window select multiple geometries and receive total data, but shift + clicking do not work as expected.
  • Last selected mesh info remains on the screen even after deselecting everything.
  • I didn’t include any geometry type filter to not bring another plugin, so selected Breps will be meshed.
  • Remember to select “Live” option in the Pick Selection component. Also, sometimes you got to delete it and place it again…

If you want something better, then somebody has to custom code at least this Heteroptera’s Pick Selection component. I also tried with the Trigger component and Human’s Object By Selection, but the trigger component was impacting overall performance too much.

Ideally, computing stuff like that should be done by a different thread and output solutions without freezing Rhino’s UI. I imagine calculating volumes could take too many milliseconds to be treated as instant.
Maybe asynchronous solutions in Hops component?

Actually, it would be good if somebody could look at that component because this way we can have all sorts of “live inspectors”. Live info about selected lengths, areas, volumes, user data, etc. can be handy.