Wish: SSR in Rhino 8 (Screen space reflection)

One of the things I visually wish for in Rhino’s realtime pipeline is screen space reflection (And true raytracing when the time is ripe of course).
Having the impression of reflections that TwinMotion (and games) provide is a huge step forward for all glossy materials, so is this something you could look into @stevebaer ?

I found this article that has some interesting reflections on the topic:

Having poor quality while navigating and then adding better quality when nothing moves would be great too, like you do with AO.

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Every time I visit Sketchfab I dream that one day Rhino’s Rendered mode could look as good and work as fast as Sketchfab’s (which is an online service). Collection of postprocessing effects in Sketchab is also very nice.

SSR for sure could bring some life into Rendered Mode. In this example better quality SSR turns on when we stop moving camera.

Always good to add it to the pile of things to consider. We have our hands full at the moment on the display front with building out a metal based display pipeline for v8, but once that is done we can start thinking about more topics like this.

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So, in about 2 months then? :slightly_smiling_face:

sure! We might want to consider some of those other pesky little things that people seem to want with display like improved blocks, technical display, clipping plane fills…