Wish: SplitEdgeAtParameters to not split BrepCurveList Curves

BrepEdgeList.SplitEdgeAtParameters splits the brep curves (both EdgesCurves and TrimCurves). It would be great if the brep curves are reused and shared where possible, so that the new edges’ and trims’ domains are subsets of the brep curves’ domains. This is how the UI’s _SplitEdge works for EdgeCurves, but unfortunately not for TrimCurves.

With this change, it would be easier to merge edges to their simplest curve definitions, particularly for multi-span NurbsCurves.

Rhino 7.2 output
Pre-split Edge Domain:[0,30]
Pre-split EdgeCrv Domain:[0,30]
Pre-split EdgeCrv Count:4
Pre-split Trim Domain:[0,30]
Pre-split TrimCrv Domain:[0,30]
Pre-split TrimCrv Count:4
Post-split Edge Domains:[0,15],[15,30]
Post-split EdgeCrv Domains:[0,15],[15,30]
Post-split EdgeCrv Count:5
Post-split Trim Domains:[0,15],[15,30]
Post-split TrimCrv Domains:[0,15],[15,30]
Post-split TrimCrv Count:5

Study_SplitEdgeAtParameters.py (2.4 KB)

Hi @spb,

I’ve logged your request.


– Dale