Wish: SplitDisjoinedMesh to ask for CullDegenerateMeshFaces if it fails

Hi guys,
I “often” encounter an error in SplitDisjoinedMesh where it says the mesh is faulty and then I just run CullDegenerateMeshFaces to clean it up and run SplitDisjoinedMesh again. That usually works.
But I doubt most users know this and it would be faster if Rhino just asked if we wanted it to try this. IMO that would make the tool smarter and easier for the user to use, so please add it to the wish list :slight_smile:

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Hi Jorgen - I guess I’d be more inclined to a more general bit of advice, which might be to inform the user that the mesh is defective and direct them to the mesh repair wizard - this way, we can just know if it fails, and send the user some helpful steps, not needing to know or guess exactly how it fails… does that make sense?

RH-59949 Send users to MeshRepair

Naturally, it would be best to simply work, that particular case may be fixable, I will ask…


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