Wish: some additional tools for vaSlabs

Might be on the list, but anyway:
Can we please have

  • a tool to extract the boundary (including holes of course) of a slab,
  • maybe a tool to replace the slab boundary with another curve,
  • an ‘vaSlabInsertPoint’ tool when the slab’s control points are on,
  • a ‘vaSlabSplit’ tool to cut a slab into pieces. In addition to vaSlabAdd/vaSlabSubtract.

Since vaRoofs are quite similar regarding tools, the same goes for roofs.

Something else: it’s possible to simply delete slab control points, but when all points of a hole are selected, I’d expect the complete hole to be deleted, which isn’t the case.
Here’s a testfile:
test vaSlab holes.7z (26.9 KB)

Thank you!

Edit: ideally, it would be possible to work with slab boundary curves just like with any other curve.
Just for the sake of discussion, as you might know, in Revit you can doubleclick a slab and enter this curve editing mode, which has all the regular tools for curves. If the curve is good and closed after the editing, this mode can then be left again and the slab will update. (anyway, I’m not so much about working with ‘modes’, because they have their own problems)
What I often do here is keep the original curve boundary together with the vaSlab, edit the curve when needed, then re-create the slab completely. Not so nice. That’s why I ask.
Thanks again!

Hi @Eugen,

I have been adding your requests to the list.

You can already use the vaSplit command for this, selecting a curve to split the slab. This command is not working for roofs though, so I have added your vote to this feature.

It looks like this is working fine just in some cases, I’ll report this specific case to fix it.

I agree with you on having this flexibility to work with slab curves, but I think this should be done without having a “curve editing mode”, so I would focus on improving the options to edit/replace the curve while having the slab visible. I understand that keeping the original curve boundary while you are working is not nice, but maybe adding these options to extract and replace the slab boundary might be a solution for this.

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Thanks, Alfonso!
vaSplit… Nice, I did not know this. Kind of hidden in the menu.
The command vaWallSplit I know. It expects vaWalls to work. However, the vaSplit command also works with walls. Bit confusing.


Adding points to slab boundaries would come in quite handy. But still, please also add an option to at least extract the slab boundary. Ideally, a ‘replace’ tool, too.

Hi @Eugen,

You have the split command in the VisualARQ Edit toolbar as well, so that it is easier to find while you are working.


You are right, I’ll check this.

Thanks! Yeah, once you believe you know things, you stop looking for new stuff…
Anyway, great to know!

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