Wish solid divide command

Sometimes it could be easy to divide a solid, for eample a box, in equal parts with an option to cap these.

If you have a set of lines drawn for the divisions, you could use Options>Aliases to make a new alias for this…
“Split pause pause SelLast Cap”

The ArrayLinear or Distribute commands can also help in laying out evenly spaced split lines. Does that help?

Thank you, this works of course. But it would be even more beautiful if this happened without the separate lines drawing. For the Arraylinear command I wondering for a while, why can you only give the distance between the object and not the total lenght of the objects. This way I can array the object over a certain distance.

-edit- sorry, this could done by arraycrv. My mistake.

Thanks again.

Right, that works. I’m liking Distribute for this lately myself. Make any number of objects in a row with the start and end objects being the only ones precisely placed. Then use Distribute to get them evenly spaced.

I have a similar wish: a CutPlane that actually cuts the geometry and attempts to cap closed polysurfaces. (It can be scripted, but why not have it out of the box?)

Hi Bogdan, @BrianJ - it’s not exactly the same, but it might help - just in case you have not tried it yet in V6/WIP, you can use the new InfinitePlane as input to BooleanSplit to cut up solids.

`BoooleanSplit’ , select the solid, and at the prompt or the objects to split with type IP + Enter and then most likely use the Vertical option and set two points to define the plane, and Enter.


Hi @pascal, BooleanSplit with IP looks very nice!
I really like the Vertical and ThroughPoint options.

Now, a suggestion:
It should work with multiple Vertical planes and multiple ThroughPoints.


Hi Bogdan - it does work to set multiples, but as is, you need a new “IP + Enter” for each.


I see, very useful!