WISH: snap to mesh edges

Yep, got it- fixed now… thanks. (I mean visibility, not the bug!)


Darn, Pascal, I thought you made it snap, just like that! ; )

thanks again–


Hi @mikko, @pascal – just noticed the Snap works on meshes in the new WIP - didn’t test it on ‘real life’ project yet, but so far looks great - I can get Near and Mid snaps, and no major slowdown even on large/complex meshes.
So - thank you for listening and getting that implemented!

Few suggestions based on the current snaps:

  1. The only other OSnap I would find useful for mesh edges is Perp
  2. Would it be possible to highlight (thicken) mesh edge that is being snapped to, similar to other geometry types?
  3. Sometimes it was good with the old behavior that meshes were not snapped too - could there be an option to enable/disable mesh snapping ?

Many thanks,


Hi Jarek - Perp should work - does here anyway…


Yup, works here too, not sure why it did not before for me. Great!!