WISH: Smoother Transition for Sweep2 maintain height

Use sweep2 all the time.

Just curious if there is a way…
I need to use maintain height option so that the height doesn’t change with the
width of the rail. (in blue pen below)
Yet when I select maintain height option, the transition from one cross section to another is not smooth. It makes a dent in the surface. (as highlighted below)

Wish there is some surface creation in between where the height can be maintained, but also the transition from some rail to rail can be more smooth.
The current sw2 of only two options to make the surface seems bit limiting.
perhaps one more for maintain height loose or something… though better with controls per cross section to cross section segment.

Smoother transition for sweep2 maintain height.3dm (244.2 KB)

Any way to do it?

Hello - I think asking for maintain height and not using same height profiles is asking for wobbles… but on the other hand a tiny bit of point editing will get that looking fine.


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@pascal when doing point editting what would you recommend to select those points efficiently?
I’d like to do drag and select, but end up selecting numerous points behind…

Is there way to click on one point and say use arrow key to extend the highlight one UV at a time?
long press allowing faster selection?

Open the toolbar ‘Select Points’ and check the Help files under Select Points Toolbar. There are a number of options to select and add points.

(…some tooltips here not appearing in RC1, repair in progress)

Thank you @Fred_C
I’ll search a little in tutorial for efficient point editting.

Next I’ll probably need help in getting a smooth surface after point editting…