WISH: SmartTrack Override Trigger

I have a wish that is born out of frustration (I suppose like most). Sometimes SmartTrack just doesn’t get it, I know I shouldn’t be surprised as what it’s actually interpreting and therefore doing is amazing in the first place but… sometimes it just doesn’t get it. At present I usually abort my current task and start afresh but if there was some way that I could trigger a “recognition” by tapping a key it would over come my current angst.
Thank you.

I am currently unaware of any feature that already achieves this. If there is such a device please feel free to enlighten me. My bubble will be far from burst from such a feat.

Hi Danny- holding down Alt suspends SmartTrack and OSnaps, but you can also just turn it on and off as needed by clicking on the status bar pane. Does that help at all?


An additional tip is to tap Ctrl twice to clear any existing smarttrack highlights. These may be a source of frustration if a bunch are already highlighted but none are what you actually want yet.

Try tapping control when hovering won’t seem to mark a “recognition”, (if that is what you’re calling the white smart track point). Control again or hovering should remove a smart track point.

Thanks Pascal, I am aware of the ALT key suspending play.

Thanks Brian, I was not aware of the tap CTRL twice to clear

Have a look at the image here you can see 6 randomly chosen smart track points but where the cursor is at the top of the shape there is no trigger happening no matter what I do. It’s in this situation I would love to be able to just tap a trigger key to override the mechanism. I know I have a osnap because the END label is visible (not in image)

Hi Danny - I thought maybe I understood the problem but I think I do not. What do you mean by trigger? What do you expect to happen in the image - are you looking for tracking lines to appear?



No, the tracking lines are there when I go to the area that I want.

Lets say that I want an INT point between all of the current SmartTrack Points (there are only this many because it took a while to re-create the situation where I cannot get it to SmartTrack when I want) and the one where my current mouse position is. But I cannot get it to “trigger” automatically i.e. get a White Dot in the current mouse position so I therefore cannot get the smarttrack orthogonal INT because I cannot reference this point. My wish would be to manually tap a key and set this current mouse position as a smarttrack point.

There is no predicting when this behavior occurs, but usually I might only want two or three locations and the last one doesn’t trigger.

Hi Danny - press and hold Ctrl for a moment to set the current cursor location as a smart point. Is that it?


That’s the sort of thing I would like but it does not appear to be working on my end.

[EDIT] I should add that I have it working now but not when I tried before. Thanks

Thanks Brian, good to know. Same for Mac? On Windows right now.

CMD for Mac, got it.

Control usually works here, but testing right now once I also was unable to get the smart points to come up for any Int, Near, and points based off of smart track lines. I hit escape, started another command, and was able to get them placed anywhere I wanted with Control.

I know not very helpful because I can’t repeat, but something can go buggy when using a lot of smart track points and osnaps.

Yes! That is good to know. I often turn it off because the area I’m working in just gets covered in those highlights, and I can’t see the point I want anymore.