Wish: Smarter grid position indicator

Is there a way to make the cursor tooltip a bit smarter while showing the position relative to the World or CPlane grid, by using either suppressed decimal zeros (on full numbers only) or a bold/coloured font (only where the numbers are decimal)? This way, it would be much easier to spot inaccuracies in drawings or the position of objects in the 3d space. I think that suppressed decimal zeros (similar to the suppressed zeros in the drawings) is the better option, because it will leave a blank space where the multiple zeros are usually located on full numbers, thus making it super easy to recognize whether the number is full or decimal.


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Hello - would you really want this format on all the time, or as a special analysis tool?


If it suppress the trailing zeros all the time, that would do the job for me, because I often snap the objects and control points to the World or CPlane grid, but sometimes I notice that certain objects are just a fraction of a millimeter off, such like 0,0002731 mm away from the desired location. :slight_smile:
For example, both, the “BoundingBox” and “Align” commands fail to properly calculate the real dimensions of the objects, so using the cursor ToolTip with an Osnap to “End” is an easy and convenient way to find those errors.

Dimensions already have an optional suppress for the trailing zeros and that was a nice addition, because there is really no need to have numbers such like 173,0000000 when in reality it could be as simple as 173. :slight_smile:

Also, the size of the ToolTip window should remain the same, because the blank areas where the numbers are full (non-decimal) are easy to notice. The 2nd reason for that is to avoid the eventual constant resize of the ToolTip window. So, a fixed size would be great.