Wish: Smart Track - Smart Distance

i looked for a function similar to indesign while placing points with smart track but did not see anything. often for constructing curves with such properties i miss this a bit.

maybe some of you have seen this function already

Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-19 um 13.51.46

in Rhino while constructing points maybe so

can you add a little more detail about what is happening here?

hi Kyle, thanks for checking back, i could have explained that a bit more indeed but i was sure most of the people had used indesign at least once or twice in their life, no critique intended. :face_with_peeking_eye:

anyway the function in indesign suggests with a smart guide to place an object with the same distance apart like other prior existing 2 or more objects in alignment.

that also works for objects not having the same size of course. as long as there is an alignment (at least in indesign, not that the alignment would be needed). it indicates this with distance markers here in form of the green dimensions. here i had the first and the 2nd square and i am placing the third while it snaps to place in alignment.

in this case shown in the 2nd image while constructing points, same distances can sometimes be helpful if used as an optional smart track for instance.

not quite the same thing, but copy has a “from last point” and “use last distance” settings that let you quickly do an array with equal distances. Adding this to smart track could be useful, but I’m not entirely sure how to implement that where it doesn’t cause chaos…