WISH: Slab creation wizard, slab+wall jointing

The wall creation wizard is super practical for quick wall creation, having this for slabs would be great.

Additionally is there a way to adjust the wall to slab joints?

ALSO: Adjusting layer order and thickness is super cumbersome and slow, especially when adjusting the order of the layers, perhaps it’s because the display gets updated for every change?


Ok, we can add the new style wizard for the slab object in future versions.

Not now, although that’s already planned for future versions.

We will study if we can improve this. Do you suggest a different method to change the layer order?

The most vital part that is missing is the speed, if i have a wall with 7 layers and i wanted to add a layer between layer 3 and 4 for example there’s a lot of clicking the arrows, and for every click there’s quite a bit of computation happening. So I’d recommend that the arrow clicks get optimized heavily. I would also really appreciate a drag and drop functionality for quicker ordering when working on more complex walls. A button for reversing the entire order would also be practical. I’m not sure that I’d want a Revit’esque 10 levels deep style, but a “Spreadsheet” looking overview of each individual layer as well as it’s position and thickness would be very practical, as sometimes the names get cut off in the dropdown.


All right, thanks for all these good suggestions. I’ll keep you posted whenever we can implement them.

Can you attach a screenshot where this happens?

It only happens for very long names:

Ok, in VisualARQ 2.3 the styles dialog will be scalable so you will be able to see the full layer names.


Hey @fsalla

Is there any news on this sort of optimization? Hopefully UI is a focus of VA3.

I’m documenting a project with around 6 different slab types and it’s a real bear to create the different slabs.

Hi Roi,

Could you remind me what optimization you mean? The option to resize the styles dialogs is available since a few versions ago…

Try creating a slab with 10 layers and then reordering the layers, it takes so long, every “move” you make takes 30 seconds.

Oh, yes, you are right. This needs to be optimized! thanks.

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Hi Roi,
We have improved the performance when editing styles (reordering layers) in VisualARQ 2.11. You can already try it out! VisualARQ 2.11 available - VisualARQ

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Well done! It’s much faster on our machines.

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