Wish SetPt - right click out

I’m not sure if there’s a specific reason or just an omission for the SetPt command to not be able to OK out by using the right click as one is able out of a MatchSrf (for example).
I believe it would be useful when setting a lot of groups sequentially, or even just to avoid an extra mouse movement.

If it doesn’t make sense, I’d like to understand why not.

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Hello - this has recently been fixed, at least as far as using space-bar for Enter goes:
RH-65179 SetPt: Space bar as enter to accept


That’s true, but since i put the SetPt into the popup menu, it would be awesome to Enter through right mouse click, avoid a 2 hand operation when doing something repetitive.

(also Pascal, I really enjoy all the small additions you put out like ExtendEdge and Align options (now in v7), I’m using them heavily on the current project, and makes me thankful for having such an awesome working to make our tools better.)

Oh, yeah, sorry - I was asleep at the wheel - RMB still fails - thanks.
RH-65313 SetPt - RMB as enter to finish the command