Wish: *SelLast

when you keep a command running with asterisk like ExtractIsocurve for several independent surfaces and you want to collect all the curves created, it only selects the very last of course.

maybe there could be a way so set the command to select the last few created objects created by the same recent command?


If you have access to Rhino 10, you can run the “CreationOrder” command to open the pop-up window with vertical list consisting all the objects created during the session, including the time of their creation and last modification. It could be also accessed from the Properties panel as a tab.

You can arrange the objects in this list either by the time of last modification (set by default) or time of creation.

Objects created or modified together could be selected by right-clicking on some of them and choosing either “Select created together” or “Select modified together”. If the object which you click this way is not associated with other objects, i.e. not modified or created together, those two options remain greyed out.

PS: This is my post from the future when Rhino 10 is already out. :innocent:

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that has nothing to do with sellast. :vulcan_salute: