Wish: Selection Marquee Color

using Layouts setting the “Paper” color to something natural like white it would occur to me, that the selection marquee which is transparent white would need to be changed.

the standard layout background color is middle grey right from the start which is a good choice to avoid this problem, but hey who prints on grey paper?!

also in the normal viewport, if the background is white you cant see a thing trying to select something… so big urgent wish guys… is it possible to make this happen soon/at all?

i believe here and here it was mentioned.

I’m not sure which specific color you are referring to. Are you referring to the yellow color for selected objects?

nope sorry, i meant the selection rectangular its called marquee in other applications, found no real name for it in rhino other than dan’s referring in one of those 2 links.

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This color should be able to be set when we release the V6 for Mac WIP. If you can’t set it, let me know and I’ll make the proper adjustments.