Wish: Selection color to be background sensitive

I wish the yellow selection color could be pixle sensitive to the background, so if dark bakground go yellow, and if yellow or white then go orange.

It would make working on 2D drawings a whole lot easier as yellow on white is a horrible contrast, and changing to orange on a permanent basis isn’t desired as yellow is great when modelling.

Please put the wish together with the “show only silhouette as selected” wish like here in Unity:

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Great idea! :+1:


@pascal can you take a look at this?
We work quite a lot with white backgrounds for the viewports so it would be great if data like curve direction and selections could be background sensitive so it is easier to see.

And for yellow objects, seeing what’s selected can be difficult. So if the selection could be darker if object is light and lighter if object is dark would be a good help too.

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in cinema for instance it outlines a slight silhouette of each object when the mouse cursor just hovers over it and gets more intensive when activated. that way it is pretty predictable which object one selects.

in rhino its very very very… did i say very? often the case that you select something else and have to battle with that selection window popping up which gives me blood rush each time.

oh and i also agree with a color sensitive selection color.

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Here is another example where it would be great if the selection and the controlpoints were context sensitive:

(Editing a white hatch on a white background with white controlpoints ain’t exactly easy…)

Yeah, I run into this in layouts because I have them set to a white background. If I need to draw something in layout space tracking lines are also impossible to see.

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Yes, Layouts has to be white for us too, so we can see gray lines and adjust colors in their right environment. (WYSIWYG)

Context sensitive would be nice. In the meantime here are a couple of python hacks to cycle the selection colour or the tracking colour through three different values in the hope of finding something more appropriate. The number of colours in the cycle and the choice of colours is simple to change (and if you’ve overridden the default colours in options you will want to). If the colour in use doesn’t match one of the options in the hack then nothing happens.

CycleSelectionColor.py (488 Bytes) CycleTrackingColor.py (501 Bytes) Appearance.rui (4.8 KB)

.py files go in %APPDATA%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\scripts,
.rui file goes in %APPDATA%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\UI\Plug-ins

(For Rhino 7 for Windows - may work elsewhere but not tested and you’ll need to find the right locations for the files.)