WISH: Select only show outline as selected

I wish for objects to use the rendermesh outline as selection indication, as illustrated here:


+1 This would make meshes less blinding when selected.

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+1 That would look very cool when rotating the model!

Yeah, I agree - I’ve grumbled a bit about this as well…




Yes, and great for positioning a mesh with gumball, as right now it is impossible to see where the selected object interacts with the surroundings. And this is easy to accomplish through OpenGL and woudl benefit nurbs models as well as meshes.

Here it’s illustrated with a building:

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@pascal Any news on this ?

Hi - the YT item is open to the public and you can check its status at any time.
At the moment this is on the Future list - RH-31739.

@wim my questrion was rather when the future is :sweat_smile:

As always - whenever that future is ready :yum:

The biggest pain is when i have big hatches on 2d drawings and i want to select some and then it turns out that for eg. grass hatch is under whole drawing area so i see nothing and need to click blinded or delete one after another :frowning:

Hatches may be a different story. I may be able to hook up something pretty quick to see how it feels to just highlight the outlines of hatches.