Wish: scaling Details should change their "Scale Value" parameter

Intuitively, when I scale a Detail view, I would expect the ‘content’ of the Detail to change either, which would mean the ‘Scale Value’ parameter of the Detail would need to change.
E.g. when scaling the Detail by 0.5, the Scale Value would be multiplied by 2.0.

Hi Eugen - in Properties, the ratio is always shown as relative to one unit - is that what you mean? I see that it does not update unless you deselect and reselect the detail… Not sure if I am on the right track…


Thanks! I just selected a whole Detail View and scaled it up by some factor (the Detail object in the viewport I mean). What the Detail showed, however, was not scaled. In other words, the Detail frame just became bigger, so that more of it’s 3d content was shown.
Not what I would expect. The Detail should look exactly the same but bigger/smaller when scaling.

Edit: this would make some sense when the Detail scale parameter would be locked, but not when it’s open.

Ah, I see - scaling it as an object. I think that is explicitly coded not to do what you suggest… it may have at one time, very early in layout development.


Ok… would make sense, though, at least in my world.
However, when the scale parameter is changed accordingly after the detail frame scaling, the ‘crop area’ looks exactly like before. At least this…