Wish: Save State also saves Enabled/Disabled Component States as well as Preview/Hidden Component States

Title says it all! Would be very useful to also be able to save the Enabled / Disabled or Preview / Hidden states of all components in a definition.

Agreed, group wise enabling/changing would also help a lot.

Agreed. Was about to post the same thing and this popped up in recommended. Now I realize this thread is not from August 14, 2018 but from August 2014… Any news on this wish?

No news, probably won’t happen for GH1 any more. I don’t know whether GH2 will have states, or something more akin to layers to allow for visibility/enabledness control.

Thanks for the update David. I guess it is more complicated than it sounds to tweak the “save state” functionality to also include the state of the components: (enabled, disabled, preview on, preview off). That would come in handy.