Wish: rs.getrealbox() accept Space as Enter

Hi guys, (is this for you @dale?)
it would be great if rs.GetRealBox() could accept Space as Enter. Is that a big rewrite? :slight_smile:

I have tools where I use the real box since it is much more “in you face” when we work, with predefined values and sticky values. And we use Space a lot as Enter in daily workflow, but have to move to the enter key for this.
If possilbe Space should not to clear out the data in the box though, so I guess the input for RealBox has to be number specific as no number as I know uses spaces neither before or in them. Correct me if I am wrong on that.


Got that, thanks.

RH-60532 Allow spaces as Enter in rs.RealBox()


Please add RMB to that wish @pascal :slight_smile: