Wish: rs.DuplicateVertices function

DuplicateVertices function is missing from rhinoscriptsyntax.

Can we implement it to the next release?

def DuplicateVertices(object_id, select=False):
    """Duplicates the corner vertices of a surface or polysurface.
      object_id = The identifier of the surface or polysurface object.
      select [opt] = Select the duplicated corner vertices. The default is not
      to select (False).
      A list of Guids identifying the newly created point objects if successful.
      None if not successful, or on error.
    brep = rhutil.coercebrep(object_id, True)
    corner_vertices = brep.DuplicateVertices()
    vertices = []
    for vertex in corner_vertices:
        if vertex.IsValid:
            rc = scriptcontext.doc.Objects.AddPoint(vertex)
            if rc==System.Guid.Empty: return None
            if select: rhobject.SelectObject(rc)
    if vertices: scriptcontext.doc.Views.Redraw()
    return vertices