Wish: rotational mapping type

Hi Andy,

could you please add a new type of mapping - rotational mapping so that a linear metal brush texture can be mapped on a disk like on a gramophone record (top surface at the screenshot).
This type would be very useful for capped cylindrical mapping too. Often missed here.


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To create rotational mapping in Rhino 5.

Create a revolved surface using the Revolve command in place.
Select the object to be mapped.
Type “ApplyCustomMapping” (or press the “Duck” icon on the texture mapping object properties panel)
Select the revolved surface.
Delete the revolved surface.

Yes, if you like to improve the mapping tools, than you could add an easy to use option. :wink:

I could. But this is the first time I have ever been asked for this, and the solution was fairly simple. It doesn’t make much sense to me to clutter the interface with more and more borderline cases which are already possible.

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