WISH: Rotating vertices to affect curve/surface edge tangential vector

That’s not something a single control point can do on a NURBS curve or surface.

Try selecting multiple control points that are in a row.
Rotate the row of points and the curve or untrimmed surface edge will change.

About all you can do to change the shape of a curve or surface with a single control point, is to move it closer or farther away, or change the “weight” of the control point.

This is a degree=3 curve:

Hi John,

Yes, I know how the curves behave currently, I know in NURBS you have to select multiple control points to make what I wish.

That’s why it’s a wish.

What if in case of a polyspline, joint nurbs surfaces sharing an edge. If rotating a control point could change these surfaces by at the same time not breaking their common edge that would be valuable.

What if by rotating of the pole point of a sphere you get this:

Maintaining proportionate rotation and distance between the U and V rows.
A single rotation of a control point.

Sounds like what Mirrakoi’s Xirus plugin does:

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