Wish: Rhino 7

Maybe I am not familiar with policies between companies, but I do hope that Rhino developers communicate with other plugins companies such Vray, VisualARQ, Maxwell, Lands Design,…etc before they release Rhino V7. In general most of the important plugins that take time to make it compatible with the new release. As it hard to make the switch to the new version with all the features that attracts you, but it lacks a lot the necessary plugins that take at least two months to be compatible, just as Rhino V6 now.
I wish that when Rhino V7 released, I could upgrade to it and find all the plugins I need are compatible.

What makes you think the rhino developers don’t already give advance access to pre-release versions to 3rd party developers? It is my understanding that 3rd party developers have at least the same access to the WIP builds as regular users do - it is up to them to have a working version of their plug-in ready for a new Rhino version’s release date.

They do not get a frozen SDK to work with until relatively late in the game though.



Three months before release.

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Surely you know better than I as just a user. However, WIP is WIP, always ups to change. And I believe 3d party developers they will need a frozen SDK to make their plugin compatible to be released asap if it’s not as the same date Rhino V7 is released.
The point is when you design a building and constructed, you won’t deliver it to the client and telling him the windows and doors will be ready like in period of two months. It is like useless. But you communicate with the windows and doors providers through the design process.

Developers had the WIP SDK for literally years before we shipped. We froze the SDK 3 months before we shipped.

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Considering the time McNeel spends getting their bug-ridden releases ready, I think the OP raises a valid point. Perhaps McNeel could re-think the interval between SDK freeze and release to give a more realistic period for plugin revisions? Perhaps, using V6 as an example, you could have frozen the SDK 3 months sooner than you did and delayed the actual release at least 3 months beyond the actual release date? That would not only allow more time for plugin developers but quite possibly provide paying users with a less aggravating product that they can actually be productive with.

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