Wish request: text dot command with leader

Within our department of set designers we often see the need to have within Dot command to option to add a leader to a text dot, in model space.

We embrace the fact Dots are always pointed towards the camera and zooming or rotating views do not affect the size and orientation, but a disadvantage is the fact it always displays in front of other objects even if it is not wishfull. In case the dot command would have the option to add a leader, this disadvantage would be solved?

Is this something the Rhino Developing Team would consider adding to the dot-function?

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You could use a plain text object with a mask instead of a dot. That way it would behave like the leader and will obey the display order commands. Of course it will no longer face the camera and will change size with the zoom.

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Another benefit of a text object is the control of text size in layouts, which I find a bit of a pain with text dots.

Oh, wait, text objects do obey display order… So you can force them to go behind stuff with SendBackward or SendToBack. But it’s still virtually impossible to control given that they don’t zoom.

It all blows up if you zoom:

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