Wish: Rebuild to work on subselected part of curve

It would be great if Rebuild could work on subselection of a curve. Both on single parts and multiple if connected or disconnected.

@pascal do you think that would be possible?

Hi Jorgen - I suspect it is possible because using the nestable SubCrv command works in Rebuild - but just to be sure, if there is a sub-object selected segment in a polycurve, do you expect that to follow the Delete Input setting? I guess I would, but that might complicate things if it needs to be stuck back into the polycurve.

@Holo - I say it will work - here is a quick and dirty test that seems to show it should work fine - a bit more typing to get UI and feedback but I’ll let Mikko do that in the real world.

@Holo - since I was fussing with it, I thought maybe rebuilding all arc segments in a polycurve would be a handy thing.

Degree 5 or 6, or Auto. Auto = degree 5 for 90 degrees or more, degree 3 for shallower arcs.


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