WISH : Quick graph as points, not polyline

I think that the Quick graph is kind of deceitful because it connects the data points with segments.
It makes more sense to plot points ; that way, big value gaps are visible.
I hope V2 will expand the possibilities of this data visualization, for example by displaying the values as the cursor hovers over the data points.
Integrated stat values as an overlay could be nice too (indication of population, standard deviation, …)

Certainly as a mode it might make sense. Although it’ll be way slower to draw 1000 points than to draw a single line consisting of a 1000 segments. Because of that performance hit I’m not willing to make this mode the only or even the default one.

Then use a point cloud :slight_smile:

It’s find if it’s just a mode, but Mr. Spock would argue that it is more rational than the polyline because it graphs the data in a more accurate way.

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I think Mr. Spock would use a continuous graph for continuous functions and a point graph for order-invariant data.



Spock has spoken.