[Wish] Query names with wildcard (*)

I would like to query (family) names with wildcards.
If you have a series of families with a similar name, (e.g. Family_A, Family_B or Family-50mm) you should be able to query them based on their common name and then put an asterisk in the query name.

So in this example, if I query “Family_*” it should give me Family_A and Family_B. This creates lots of opportunities to make flexible scripts.

Currently, the asterisk does not act as a wildcard, as you can see with the empty output:

Here’s a way of doing it. The output of Query Families is text so this works well.

There may be limitations on the Revit API call being used in the component, hence no wildcards. If it is possible it would be a great feature.

The Revit API way is to create a filter

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Using filter should be more performant but limited to the filters Revit allow.

Yo can also you this syntax that allows wildcards or even regular expresions.


nice! regex support too

Nice, good job @kike!
That’s quick!