Wish: publish rdk procedural texture algos

It’s not like some other 3D application is gonna steal Rhino customers by copying them, and it would sure be nice to be able to replicate them faithfully in our engines and avoid baking.

Yup. I’ve always planned to do this. I will get this done for you.

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Awesome, thanks!


Here’s a dump of all of the code for procedural textures. Let me know if I’ve missed anything!

The original idea was to port them to OSL or GLSL…at some point that will happen, but other stuff is currently in the way.

  • Andy
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GLSL would be awasome, @stevebaer already gives us some tips for woking with them. I’m thinking on the possibility of creating our own shaders with GHGL for render materials, afaik not possible with the current state of the implementation

Looks great on a quick scan. Will be wonderful to get rhino textures on an equal footing with our native ones.