Wish: progress bar for component

It would be great to see progress bar for components that could be programmed by the GH devs. Right now obviously it is possible once we will create our own UI element, but it would be helpful to have built-in solution. Obviously most of the time components run pretty fast, therefore it is not that useful, but from time to time there is a need for component that would take a couple of minutes / hours to compute. Because of the lack of the progress bar, and because of the fact that whole definition just freezes then - GH is hard to use for such cases. Generally it will be good to make a better UX for components that takes a lot of time to compute :wink:

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If you ask @DavidRutten nicely maybe he’ll upload a video of the per-component progress bars that are in GH2.


If it is already implemented then great :wink:

so cool!!!