Wish: Pressing a key to select layer with the same letter

When I click in the “Layers” or “Materials” tab in the Properties panel, pressing a letter or number key does not cycle between the layers or materials whose names start with the same letter or number. For example, if I press the “D” key while the “Layers” tab is active and a random layer is being selected via the mouse, Rhino is not smart enough to select the first layer below the currently selected layer whose name is, for example, “Dimensions”. This is counter-intuitive, because it does not let the user select any layer or material based on the first letter or number in the name. Typing those simply does not work, Rhino will ignore the fact that this is a currently active window and will activate the Command line instead. This is a huge problem when having a huge amount of layers and materials.

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I think - and already pointed this out at other topics - mouse / input focus has some potential in general to be improved.

Pressing enter to finish some action in a properties-field
pressing esc to cancel the input in a property-field, returning back to old value
pressing a character (this topic) to navigate inside a drop-down list.
(did not check)
pressing arrow up / down while focus is in any list / drop-down…

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Hopefully this feature will be available in Rhino 8 when it gets officially released! I wish Rhino 7 had it but I guess it’s too late for it…