Wish: Preset Thumbnails

Can we get the possiblity to use a preset view as a thumbnail when saving a file? I e.g. would like all my thumbnails to show what I see in perspective view in shaded mode after _4View and ZE.

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Is it safe to assume you know that if you make your Perspective view current, have run Zoom Extents, and are in a Shaded display when you Save and exit, that this is the thumbnail you will get?

Yes, and sth. like that can be done with a script, too, but I really liked the idea very much, so I suggested it. I mean, why shouldn’t thumbnails generally have some kind of unity?

But if nobody misses that unity, I won’t cost energy whining. (In German sth. can cost energy…)

Let me share an alternative expectation/workflow: I look at thumbnails as a way to show me a relevant state of the model, so if I want to open ‘the on with the new rebuilt corner’ I can look for that in the thumbnail of the file I had saved zoomed to that corner is whatever viewmode made more sense to show that park of the model.

So by adding unity you are scraping the unique identifiers of the thumbnails. And I can only think of thumbnails to have precisely that one job you are suggesting to eliminate.

You might consider changing the default Ctrl+S shortcut with a macro that does ‘_4View ZE _enter _save’

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What should happen if the file has no “Perspective” viewport?
What should happen if the file is in a Wireframe display mode, and there is no render mesh currently in the file?

My current suggestion is to use @gustojunk’s command macro idea.


And if he wanted to ensure Perspective was always the thumbnail regardless of if he has a perspective viewport, it might look like '! _NewViewport _SetView _World _Perspective _Zoom _Extents -_ViewportProperties _Display _RenderPreview _Enter _Save _CloseViewport'


I am pretty impressed. :+1:

Sam, don’t be lazy. Don’t stop there. Can you through in some big text with current date/time of file? So it’s art of the thumbnail? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d wish for the tumbnail to be a mini viewport where I can rotate and zoom in out to scrutinise the file.

How cool would that be!