Wish: Polyline (Bothsides=Yes)

Just went to choose the “bothsides” option from command line of the standard polyline command and realized there is no such animal. I think that would be a very helpful location for this option.

I don’t imagine the Bothsides behaviour would persist, (although that’d be so rad). I can see it just bailing out of “polyline” and terminating after one click the same way you can right click and bail out.

_Polyline (…Bothsides=Yes…)


you mean so you could draw a T with a polyline?
i don’t think that would work out properly.

can you post an example drawn with lines that you’d like to happen with polyline->Bothsides?

Hi Declan - can you give me an example of what this would do?



Hi guys - I see it as functioning exactly as the Line (Bothsides=Yes/No) option in the command line. So:

User enters “polyline” into command line
polyline command starts
command line options are(PersistentClose=No), AND (Bothsides=Yes/No)

if Bothsides=yes,
User clicks start of polyline and, effectively the command switches to “Line (Bothsides=Yes)” and ends once an endpoint has been selected.

if Bothsides=No
User clicks start of polyline, and subsequent points as expected.

Even the Line (not Polyline) command lacks a mid-stream “bothsides” option.


That would be very confusing, I don’t see why you’re not using the Line command.

The standard line command doesn’t have a “bothsides” option either. You need to drill down to the Line From Midpoint command. Obviously it’s not a big deal, just looking to improve workflow. If Line had a “bothsides” option that would be fine too.


Hi Declan - Line, all by itself, has a pile of command line options, including BothSides.


sheesh, sorry, you’re right. I was seeing LineSegments (RMB on Polyline button) as the Line tool. I knew I’d seen a bothsides option somehwere, LOL.

Can you tell last night was a Rhino-all-night kinda night? Nothing to see here… Carry on…

As an aside - was Line ever RMB on the Polyline button? Like maybe V2?

I don’t think so, but it is not impossible… sieve brain and all. But I think it’s always been Lines.


Ok, weird. Brainfart. Changed my RMB here and all is right in the world. Thanks all.