WISH: PointCloud.AppendRange or AddRange for PointCloudItem Array

Does it make sense to have an AddRange or AppendRange for PointClouds that accepts PointCloudItems?

Maybe. I’ll add your request to the pile…

PointCloudItems can not be constructed by external code.

There is already an AddRange that takes a set of locations on PointCloud. I’m fine with adding overloads to this function that takes more information than just locations. Would that work for you?

Yes, I guess I was looking for a way to dump locations, vectors, and colors in at once with an AddRange that could take more than just locations. But maybe I am just being lazy and should just iterate over the list of properties. Definitely not so urgent, just a convenience.

Makes sense; I just wanted to make sure I understood. I usually create issues in our bugtracker as my “todo” list and when I get back to this topic weeks (or months) from now, I’ll have a little more information about what it is you are really trying to do.


That would be useful if it speeds up adding pointcloud items (with normal and color info). Additionally having a method to remove items using multiple indices in one go, would be nice.


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Great ! Thank you for adding it :slight_smile: