Wish: Pick Faces inside/outside/constrained by an edge loop?...or can you already?

Hi, Wondering if there is a feature to select all faces inside, outside, or constrained by edge loops? Like a lasso type feature using edge loops so faces don’y have to be selected individually. I’ve tried the brush command and found it wanting.

Thanks, Matt

shift+ctrl click one face, then double click a face next to that one in the direction you want to pick. There are also painting selections. If you don;t have them, run toolbarreset and restart rhino to get the latest tool bars .

Thanks for the reply! I did know about the shift+ ctrl commands but was looking for a quicker and more precise work flow to pick a large group of faces. When you say painting selections do you mean the brush command (paint brush icon)? I have tried that and can’t quite get it to work.

you can also use selection filters set to face, then drag select the largest set of faces, then ctrl+drag to deselect the ones you don’t want.

paint selection needs a target, edges, faces, or verts… use selection filters to specify what you want to select.

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Ok, thanks…I’ll try that! Btw enjoyed the Paper Doll tutorial…very helpful!

nice! paperdoll all the things! make sure and check out Brian James videos and Phil cook has some good ones too!

T-Splines had good selection tools, like various Grow… tools and especially FillBetween was handy.

I selected 4 faces first and the FillBetween to get this square selection

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click one face, then shift click one farther away, then shift double click a face adjacent to either and the selection fills in automagically-


And then how do you select the ring next to your selection?

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Painting selections.

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more complicated looking that it actually is in practice-

That does work but compared to T-Splines it’s complicated, especially when the geometry is less directional

What geometry, for example to T-Splines?

That does actually sort of work! Thanks @theoutside

You can get everything done with painting selections, it’s just not efficient.

Let’s say on a torus… FillBetween and GrowSelection is very quick

here’s a little more info-


a torus…
Painting selections more flexible tool.