Wish, Pascal could come to teach me his knowledge in Rhino

Is point editing one of the most challenging things to do in Rhino? Rebuilding curves and surfaces is what I’ve neglected to see as best modeling practices. When I first thought of modeling , it was only to share an idea that was better than just drawing it on paper. Sometimes Rhino is do difficult because of it’s accuracy. I see sub-d as a better tool for me just to get things done quicker. I am looking into sud2cad, clayoo, and T-splines even knowing that probably not much will advance in the ladder. ( thats a big guess)Rhino is so cool that a bunch of people care about making it better. That’s what makes it so great.

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Rhino is indeed a challenging tool, and for many Subd modelers are an easier avenue, but with a little training Rhino can be just as user friendly if you limit yourself to the kind of basic push-pull tasks that something like Sketchup in known for.

You mention “Pascal could come to teach me his knowledge…” He is a great teacher. There are other options though, apart from a wealth of videos online that can show you the basics, you can enroll in a well-organized course like Lynda.com has, or take the Rhino Level 1 course that is offered several times a year by McNeel for beginners.

On a more practical note, do you know about turning on control points and pulling them to change the shape of an object?

Hi Cosmas, I think I was airing some frustration. I’ve worked in Rhino 5 years now. I think the trick is to not get stuck in a routine once having a few things figured out, but to keep learning. I just tried SUBD2CAD. It is geared very much to Solidworks. I will try Clayoo next. T-slines is nice , but seems to crash Rhino sometimes, without being specific.
Thanks for encouragement,Mark