WISH: parallelism in smartTrack and polyline

I ask a banality.
You could add in SmartTrack the condition of parallelism?
Also among the instruments of “polyline” missing the opportunity to draw a line parallel to a given line. You can place such a feature?

it would be possible to include this feature in Rhino 6?
I do not understand why there tangency, perpendicular, intersecting, etc… and not the parallel (also in the command “polyline”, as I said before!

I’m probably misunderstanding this but don’t your settings include “Parallels”?

If drawing a polyline, and you wanted a piece of this is parallel to another section? I have no indication to perform a condition of parallelism (in SmartTrack there is no option parallel).

As an aid to design, in my opinion, would an option “parallel” to be activated in SmartTrack. I think it is trivial to implement;
it is very difficult and frustrating to draw a polyline that has a condition of parallelism with a part or parts of another polyline, unless you use in scripts or command offset.

I agree with you that it doesn’t work relative to a section of the polyline that is being created - and it probably should. @pascal? [If I recall correctly there was a time that snapping to the points of a pline / curve didn’t work either because the object wasn’t ‘real’ yet.]

But you used the word also a few times - meaning that you don’t get it to work in other circumstances either. Or?

For example, I would like to draw a polyline, starting from the left point that has only two strokes in those blue polyline date. If there were any guidelines in SmartTrack would be easy, without having to use some kind of another command.

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seconded… would love to have that to… parallel is essential

Hello - SmartTrack is designed to help in this case and works fine. Helpers in Polyline know about the current polyline only.


i wish tough it would work on previous segments drawn in the polyline. as far as i can tell it does only work one preexisting curves… am i wrong?

Hi Anika - Helpers (Polyline command-line option) work within the current polyline.


but not parallel to say anything else then the previous segment… if you draw a nice zigzag line and want to pick up previous angles (segment 3 parrallel to segment 1 or such)… does not work right?